Strategic Planning Workshop for the Administrators of TESDA Technology Institutions (TTIs) Batch 2

Date : Mar. 19-23, 2018 /
Venue : National TVET Trainers Academy, Marikina City, Philippines /
Program Type: Special Program and Workshop /

Program Contents

Theme Papers

  • Overview of Strategic Planning
  • Vision, Mission, Strategic Goals and Objectives
  • Strategies and Activities
  • Monitoring and Logical Framework

Exercises and Workshops

  • Formulating the SWOT Analysis/Environmental Scanning
  • Formulating the Vision and Mission Statements
  • Formulating the Goals and Objectives Statements
  • Formulating the Specific Activities/Actions under the Goals and Objectives
  • Formulating the Monitoring and Logical Framework

Quality Assurance of TVET Institutions through Accreditation

Date : Mar. 5-9, 2018 /
Venue : NITTTR, Chennai, India /
Program Type: In-Country Program /

Program Contents

Theme Papers

  • Theme Paper 1: Organizational Excellence in today’s competitive environment through Accreditation
  • Theme Paper 2: Concepts and Philosophies in improving quality of TVET Systems through APACC Accreditation and Certification
  • Theme Paper 3: Principles of National Accreditation and Certification Systems in India
  • Theme Paper 4: The implications of Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) in quality management of technician programs.
  • Theme Paper 5: Innovative Approaches for Stimulating Accreditation System in Technical Education in India – Case study


  • Task 1: Benefits and Issues in Implementation of Accreditation, Determine Strategies using SWOT Analysis/Gap Analysis
  • Task 2: Practices on National Accreditation and Certification Systems in India
  • Project Task: Action Planning - Preparation of SSR for APACC and visit of External Accrediting Team

International Seminar on “Accreditation and Gender Sensitivity in TVET Systems”