Capacity Building in Research and Development in TVET

Date : Oct. 24-28, 2016 /
Venue : Kathmandu, Nepal /
Program Type: In-Country Program /
Collaborating Organization: Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal /

Theme Papers

  • Special Lecture: Skills for Global Competitiveness
  • Theme Paper 1: Research, Innovation and Development: a Platform for Sustainability in TVET
  • Theme Paper 2: Integrating Research Culture in TVET Nepal: Policy Framework, Implementation Plan, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Theme Paper 3: Research Problem Identification and Operational Framework
  • Theme Paper 4: Developing a Research Framework Design and Experiment
  • Theme Paper 5: Development of Research Proposal for Conduct of TVET Researches & Research Report

Tasks & Group Project Work

  • Task 1: Undertake SWOT Analysis for R&D in the TVET System
  • Task 2: Literature Survey & Identifying Potential Niche Areas for Researchin TVET
  • Task 3: Developing the Research Design Framework
  • Project Task: Preparation of a Research Proposal in the TVET Sector

National Seminar: "TVET Beyond 2015"

TVET Pathways to Sustainable Development

Date : Oct. 17-21, 2016 /
Venue : Thimphu, Bhutan /
Program Type: In-Country Program /
Collaborating Organization: Department of Human Resources, Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, Royal Government of Bhutan /

Theme Papers

  • Special Lecture: TVET Pathways to Sustainable Development: Current Concepts, Practices and Future Agenda
  • Theme Paper 1: Towards a New Architecture of Sustainable TVET Delivery
  • Theme Paper 2A: Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Leadership for TVET
  • Theme Paper 2B: A Model of Entrepreneurship Development Initiative (EDI) at TVET Institutions: Preparing the Entrepreneurial TVET Graduate
  • Theme Paper 3: Green jobs and Green Curriculum
  • Theme Paper 4: Quality Assurance in TVET Pathways to Sustainable Development
  • Theme Paper 5: Knowledge, Technology and Sustainable Development

Tasks & Group Project Work: Preparation of an action-based development plan for integrating sustainable development in the TVET system for Bhutan

  • Task 1: Identification of major issues and challenges of sustainable development in TVET System
  • Task 2: Focus Group Discussion and Presentation on Promoting Green Entrepreneurship and Leadership in the TVET System
  • Task 3: Formulate action plans on realigning skills for TVET Sustainability - Developing a Green TVET Curricula