Strategic Plan Development for Management Excellence

Date : Oct 24-28, 2018 /
Venue : Kathmandu, Nepal /
Program Type: Special In-Country Program /

Program Contents

Theme paper presentations on the following:

  • Overview of the Strategic Planning
  • Vision, Mission, Strategic Goals and Objectives
  • Strategies and Activities
  • Monitoring and Logical Framework

Exercises and workshops on the following:

  • Formulating the Problem Tree Analysis, Fishbone Diagram and SWOT Analysis
  • Formulating the Vision and Mission Statements
  • Formulating the Goals and Objectives Statements
  • Formulating the Specific Activities/Actions under the Goals and Objectives
  • Formulating the Monitoring and Logical Framework

Quality and Sustainable TVET

Date : Oct 8-10, 2018 /
Venue : Chennai, India /
Program Type: Regional Program /

The main contents of the Program are:

Thema Papers

  • Theme Paper 1: Strategic Planning and Management for Sustainable Future of TVET
  • Theme Paper 2: Trends and Challenges for TVET in CPSC Member Countries
  • Theme Paper 3: Quality Assurance of TVET Systems through Accreditation & APACC Certification


  • Task 1: Development of Thrust Areas for Sustainable Future of TVET Institutions
  • Task 2: Preparation of Sample Documents for APACC for Quality Assurance
  • Project Task: Action Planning/System Development Plan for a Sustainable Future

International Conference: “Skills in TVET for Sustainability”

TVET for Socio-Economic Transformation

Date : Oct 1-3, 2018 /
Venue : Kathmandu, Nepal /
Program Type: Regional Program /

The main contents of the Program are:

Thema Papers

  • Theme Paper 1: Quality Assurance in TVET Pathways to Socio-Economic Transformation
    • Quality Assurance Models and Approaches for Sustainable TVET
    • Accreditation Criteria, Indicators and their application at TVET Institutions
    • Creating a Culture for Self-Assessment at TVET Institutions
  • Theme Paper 2: Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Leadership for TVET
    • Concepts of Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, TVET Leadership
    • Promoting Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development in TVET
    • Models and approaches for TVET Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  • Theme Paper 3: Towards a New Architecture of Sustainable TVET Delivery for Socio-Economic Transformation: Some Issues, Concepts and Strategies
    • Concepts and Principles of Sustainable Development
    • TVET and Sustainable Development
    • Sustainable Development: Models & Approaches
    • Preparing TVET Educators for Sustainable Development
    • Role of TVET in achieving Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals

Tasks and Group Project Work

Preparation of an action-based development plan for integrating sustainable socio-economic transformation in the TVET system
  • Task: Identification of Major Issues and Challenges in TVET Pathways to Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation
  • Group Exercise: Preparation of an Action-Based Development Plan for Integrating Sustainable Development in the TVET System

International Conference: "Innovations in TVET for Socio-Economic Development"