TVET Accreditation as Quality Assurance in Establishing Quality TVET Systems Across the Nations

Date: August 31 - September 6, 2021 /
Program Type: Online Program /

Main Contents


  • Presentation 1: TVET Quality Assurance Practices in Asia and the Pacific
  • Presentation 2: Overview of TVET Quality Assurance System
  • Presentation 3: APACC Accreditation as External Quality Assurance
  • Presentation 4: TVET Accreditation (Institutional and Program) Requirements
  • Presentation 5: Establishing Accreditation as Quality Assurance to Harmonize Quality TVET Standards/Criteria

Group Work Activities:

  • GWA 1: Answering Short Exercises
  • GWA 2: Accreditor’s Performance Task
  • GWA 3: Determine the TVI readiness to undergo accreditation
  • GWA 4: Develop basic accreditation guide

APACC Accreditors’ Training for INDMO, Timor Leste

Date: August 23-27, 2021 /
Program Type: Online Program /

Main Contents

  • Overview of APACC and Status Report
  • Orientation and Workshop on APACC Criteria
    • Criterion I: Governance and Management
    • Criterion II: Teaching and Learning
    • Criterion III: Human Resources
    • Criterion IV: Research and Development
    • Criterion V: Image and Sustainability
    • Criterion VI: Other Resources
    • Criterion VII: Support to Students
  • Desirable Characteristics of APACC Team and Rules in Institutional Evaluation
  • Roles and Responsibilities of APACC Team before, during, and after institutional evaluation
  • Parts of Evaluation Report and Tips in Report Writing

Instructional Design Based on ICT and Digital Technology

Date: August 2-6, 2021 /
Program Type: Online Program /

Main Contents

Online Classes

  • Online Class 1: Fostering 21st Century Skills to Address TVET Needs
  • Online Class 2: ICT Applications in Teaching and Learning Process
  • Online Class 3: Instructional Design Models
  • Online Class 4: Multimedia content preparation for Teaching and Learning
  • Online Class 5: Learning Management System for Online Delivery
  • Online Class 6: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Applications
  • Online Class 7: Online Assessment Tools

Project Tasks

  • Project Task 1: Conduct SWOT Analysis on Online Learning
  • Project Task 2: Preparation of Multimedia Content
  • Project Task 3: Develop a LMS (Moodle) for a Course
  • Project Task 4: Preparation of Online Assessment Questions
  • Project Task 5: Preparation of Action Plan