Accreditation and Certification in Achieving Quality-Assured TVET

Date: February 7-11, 2022 /
Program Type: Online Special Program /

Main Contents

Theme Papers

  • Theme Paper 1: Overview of TVET Quality Assurance System
  • Theme Paper 2: Program Accreditation as Quality Assurance for TVET Programs
  • Theme Paper 3: Accreditation Criteria and Teaching-Learning Processes
  • Theme Paper 4: Institutional Accreditation as Quality Assurance for TVET Institutions Operations and Work Procedure
  • Theme Paper 5: Course wise and Program wise outcomes
  • Theme Paper 6: Attainment of COs and POs
  • Special Presentation: APACC Accreditation as External Quality Assurance
  • Theme Paper 7: The Role of the Skills National Assessment and Certification System as Quality Assurance
  • Theme Paper 8: Students, Faculty and Facilities
  • Theme Paper 9: Establishing Quality Assurance System in the TVET Institutes.

Group Work Activities

  • G/IWA 1: Answer Online Quiz
  • G/IWA 2: Answer Self-Assessment Checklist to determine the level of Quality Assurance System in Delivering Programs
  • G/IWA 3: Answer Online Quiz
  • G/IWA 4: Determine the TVI readiness to undergo APACC Institutional accreditation
  • G/IWA 5: Answer Online Quiz
  • G/IWA 6: Develop Action Plan
  • Self-assessment report and accreditation visit