Strengthening TVET Quality and Relevance through Institute-Industry Linkages

Date : Mar 2-6, 2020 /
Venue : Pokhara, Nepal /
Program Type: Regional Program /

Main Contents

Theme Papers
  • Special Lecture: TVET and Technopreneurship for New Economy
  • Theme Paper 1: Building Industry-Institution Linkages in TVET System: Concepts and Principles
  • Theme Paper 2: Interventions to enhance TEVT-Industry Linkages
  • Theme Paper 3: Innovative Models and Approaches in TVET Industry-Institution Linkage
  • Theme Paper 4: Dual Training System: Concept, Benefits, and Challenges

Group Works
  • Group Work 1: Undertake SWOT analysis for industry-institution collaborations in the TVET system
  • Group Work 2: Develop strategies for enhancing industry-institution linkage system in the TVET sector
  • Group Work 3: Identify skills for youth employability in the TVET sector
  • Group Work 4: Review and analyze the implementation of Dual Training System (DTS) and suggest possible steps for Nepal TVET system
  • Group Work 5: Preparation of Action Plan for building industry-institute linkages in the TVET system

TVET International Conference on Strengthening of Industry Institutions Linkages

Study Visit: Industry visit to show best practices of IIL

Leadership and Change Management in TVET

Date : Feb 10-14, 2020 /
Venue : PSSCIVE, Bhopal, India /
Program Type: In-Country Program /

Main Contents

Theme Papers
  • Theme Paper 1: Educational Transformation through Leadership
  • Theme Paper 2: PDCA Model for a Change Leader
  • Theme Paper 3: Guiding Principles of Change Management
  • Theme Paper 4: Change Management Tools to Drive Change
  • Theme Paper 5: Change Management Strategies
    • Lecturette: Action Planning, The Way Forward

Group Works
  • Group Work 1 : Self-assessment of Change Competency Leadership
  • Group Work 3 : Application of Change Management Tools in Problem Resolution
  • Group Work 4 : System Development Planning

National Conference: Re-Imagining - Technical and Vocational Education and Training for the Changing World: Perspectives and Practices

Equipping Future Workforce with 21st Century and Technopreneurship Skills through Quality TVET Programs

Date : Feb 2-6, 2020 /
Venue : IDEB Bhaban, Dhaka, Bangladesh /
Program Type: Regional Program /

Main Contents

Theme Papers
  • Theme Paper 1: Greening TVET for Sustainable Development
  • Theme Paper 2: Technopreneurship in TVET to Boost Enterprises
  • Theme Paper 3: Curriculum Development Incorporating 21st Century Skills

Group Works
  • Group Work 1: SWOT analysis on Greening TVET
  • Group Work 2: Formulate strategies to boosting enterprises through Technopreneurship
  • Group Work 3: Formulate strategies to integrate 21st century skills in TVET curriculum

International Conference: Skills Readiness for Achieving SDGs and Adopting IR 4.0