Entrepreneurship Development in TVET

Date : Jun. 17-20, 2015 /
Venue : Colombo Plan Staff College, Metro Manila, Philippines /
Program Type: Regional Program /

Main Contents

The main contents of the Regional program are as follows:

Special Lecture: Trends, Issues and Challenges in Entrepreneurial Education in TVET

Theme Papers:

  • Theme Paper 1: Entrepreneurship Education in TVET Environment and Models of implementation
  • Theme Paper 2: ICT Applications in Entrepreneurship Education and Training
  • Theme Paper 3: Application of Blue Ocean Strategy for Entrepreneurship Promotion in TVET
  • Theme Paper 4: Overview of Entrepreneurial Support Agencies in Asia Pacific Countries and Facilities/Incentives offered to Entrepreneurs
  • Theme Paper 5: Design Thinking in Fostering Creativity and Innovation


  • Task: Identification of Internal and External Factors in Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Project Task: Identification of Strategies for Promotion of Entrepreneurship in TVET

Project Work

  • Prepare Action Plans focusing on their specific roles in promoting TVET Technology Research Programs (specifically for participants from TRDD and ROs); and
  • Prepare a Research Proposal on the conduct of Technology Research (specifically for participants from TTIs).

Industrial Visit to Small or Medium Scale Enterprises and Interaction with their Entrepreneur.

International Conference

An International Conference on “TVET Skills Development for Poverty Alleviation, Entrepreneurship and Employability” will be conducted on 22nd & 23rd June 2015 under the Project on “CPSC-India Asia Pacific Capacity Building Project for Skills Development and Poverty Alleviation”, which will be participated by around 200 International delegates consisting Ministry Officials, Administrators, Directors, Principals, Head of the Departments, Project Officers, Faculty Members, Media, Officers in both public and private sectors and other interested participants.