Strategic Planning Workshop for the Administrators of TESDA Technology Institutions (TTIs) Batch 3

Date : May 28 – June 1, 2018 /
Venue : National TVET Trainers Academy, Marikina City, Philippines /
Program Type: Special Program and Workshop /

Program Contents

Theme Papers

  • Overview of Strategic Planning
  • Vision, Mission, Strategic Goals and Objectives
  • Strategies and Activities
  • Monitoring and Logical Framework

Exercises and Workshops

  • Formulating the SWOT Analysis/Environmental Scanning
  • Formulating the Vision and Mission Statements
  • Formulating the Goals and Objectives Statements
  • Formulating the Specific Activities/Actions under the Goals and Objectives
  • Formulating the Monitoring and Logical Framework

Greening TVET for Sustainable Development

Date : May 21-25, 2018 /
Venue : TESDA NTTA, Marikina City, Philippines /
Program Type: In-Country Program /

The main contents of the In-Country Program are:

Special Lecture: Greening TVET for Sustainable Development

Thema Papers

  • Theme Paper 1: Concepts and Importance of Greening TVET for Sustainable Development
  • Theme Paper 2: Methods and Approaches of Greening TVET
  • Theme Paper 3: Meeting the Challenges in Intensifying the Greening of TVET Towards Sustainable Development
  • Theme Paper 4: Integrating Green Concepts in TVET Curricula
  • Theme Paper 5: Planning and Management for Greening TVET System


  • Task 1: List Potential Projects and Assessing One’s Preparedness for Greening TVET
  • Task 2: Participate in or Prepare? Case Studies on Issues and Challenges for Greening TVET and Solutions
  • Task 3: Prepare Key Learnings from Site Visits
  • Task 4: Integrate Green Concepts in TVET Curricula
  • Task 5: Project Work on Preparing Action Plan for Greening TVET in Own Institute

Panel Discussion (Half Day): "Transforming TVET for Sustainable Development"

  • 6 Eminent Experts (Panelists from TESDA, TVET Institutions, ILO, Industry, and CPSC)

Study Visit: Study visits to institutions and/or industries implementing green projects (Manila Water Company, Inc. and Marikina City Environmental Management Office)

Quality Assurance through Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation

Date : May 15-18, 2018 /
Venue : CPSC, Manila, Philippines /
Program Type: Customized Program /

Main Contents

Theme Papers:
  • Theme Paper 1: Overview of M&E in Educational Institutions based on Strategic Plan, project document and operational plan
  • Theme Paper 2: Process and Methods of M&E
  • Theme Paper 3: Development of M&E Plan (stakeholders analysis, communication and risk assessment)
  • Theme Paper 4: M&E tools and techniques in Educational programs and projects
  • Theme Paper 5: Management of M&E (HRD, execution, analysis of result, reporting, feedback)

Group Work Activity:
  • Workshop 1: Prepare M&E Plan

English Training for Rajamangala University of Technology – Thanyaburi (RMUTT) Personnel (Part II)

Date : May 7-11, 2018 /
Venue : CPSC, Manila, Philippines /
Program Type: Customized Program /

Main Contents

1. Speech Organization
  • Chronological Order
  • Giving your Opinion

2. Business Writing
  • Introductory Letters
  • Letter of Inquiry
  • Answering an Inquiry
  • Recommendation Letter

3. Sentence Structure

4. Situation Communication / Talking with Small to Big Groups

5. Interviewing Skills

6. Telephone English and Phone Handling Skills

7. Accent Neutralization and Vocabulary Improvement

Industry - Academia Collaboration & Partnership

Date : May 7-11, 2018 /
Venue : DTVE – South Branch Office, Yangon, Myanmar /
Program Type: In-Country Program /

Main Contents

The delivery of the program design follows a spiral learning approach, beginning with an overview of core concepts and followed by progressively deeper application of the concepts and finally a self-directed learning approach through action planning.

Part 1

  • Special Lecture: Emerging Trends in the Colombo Plan Region: CPSC’s Response

Part 2

Module 1: Introduction to Industry-Academia Collaboration and Partnership for TVET System

  • Building Industry-Academia Collaboration and in TVET System
  • Facilitating and Restraining Factors in Fostering Industry-Academia Collaborations and Partnership

Module 2: Developing Industry-Academia Collaboration and Partnership in TVET System

  • Innovative Models and Approaches in Industry-Academia Collaboration and Partnership
  • Developing Strategies for Enhancing Industry-Academia Collaboration and Partnership in TVET System
  • Stimulating Entrepreneurship Education in TVET System

Panel Discussion: Developing Industry-Academia and Government Collaboration: A Game-Changer for 21st Century Workforce Development

Project Work and Action Plan

  • Developing Industry-Academia Partnership System in TVET Sector
  • Preparation of Action Plan for Building Industry-Academia Collaboration and Partnership in TVET System

National Seminar on Quality Assurance in TVET: Emerging Trends and Fresh Perspectives