Industry-Academic Collaborations and Partnership

Date : Dec. 11-15, 2016 /
Venue : Dhaka, Bangladesh /
Program Type: In-Country Program /
Collaborating Organization: Directorate of Technical Education, Bangladesh /

Theme Papers

  • Special Lecture: Skills for Global Competitiveness
  • Theme Paper 1: Building Industry Academic Linkages in TVET system
  • Theme Paper 2: Innovative Models and Approaches in Industry Academic Linkages System
  • Theme Paper 3: Industry-Institution linkages: Trends, Prospects and Challenges in TVET Sector
  • Theme Paper 4: Employment Market Demand and Supply of Workforce

Tasks & Project Work

  • Task 1: Undertake SWOT Analysis for Industry- Academic Collaborations in TVET System
  • Task 2: Facilitating & Restraining Factors in Fostering Industry Academic Linkages
  • Task 3: Developing Strategies for Enhancing Industry Academic Linkage System in TVET sector
  • Project Task: Preparation of Action Plan for Building Industry Academic Linkages in TVET System

National Seminar: "TVET Beyond 2015: Trends & Perspectives"

Capacity-Building for TVET Teacher Trainers: Improving Quality of TVET Teaching and Learning

Date : Dec. 5-9, 2016 /
Venue : CPSC, Manila, Philippines /
Program Type: Special Program /
Collaborating Organization: UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training /


  • Inspiring Technology-Enabled Learning in TVET: Quality Context and Challenges
  • Improving TVET Teacher Competencies in Technology-Pedagogy integration
  • Strengthening TVET Systems through the Use of ICTs
  • Instructional Design using Technology
  • Open Education Resources: UNEVOC Centre's Experiences
  • TVET Teacher Training Approaches in Africa using Blended Learning: the Experience of Nigeria
  • Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) and Active Learning
  • Content Knowledge - Making Sense of Content
  • Pedagogical Content Knowledge - Active Learning Strategies
  • Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge - Selecting ICT Resources

Learning from Practice

  • Technology-Enabled Learning and other Uses of ICTs
  • ToT for Building Teacher Competencies - Case of Madagascar
  • CPSC Web-based Teaching and Learning System – Promoting Quality in CPSC Training

Tasks and Discussions

  • Reflections and Sharing of Teaching Practices / Open Forum
  • Crafting the Learning Outcomes/Objectives
  • Hands-on Integration of ICT Resources
  • Share and Care: Showcasing of Learning Plans/Syllabi
  • Drafting a Training Plan