Strengthening TVET Systems for Sustainability

Date : June 1 - 5, 2016 /
Venue : Brunei Darussalam /
Program Type: Regional Program   /
Collaborating Organization: SEAMEO VOCTECH Regional Centre   /

Main Contents

The participants will be attending the International Conference on Ensuring Greater Impact of TVET for Sustainable Development during the first two days of the program.

The conference aims to:

  • Establish links for national, regional, and international TVET initiatives, policies and practices that respond to the needs and programmes of the ASEAN Economic Community;
  • Identify strategies in integrating concepts of sustainable development in TVET;
  • Identify innovative ideas that will enhance the quality and image of TVET; and
  • Create a platform that will enable conference participants, partners, and stakeholders in strengthening collaboration and to allowing convenient and continuous sharing of innovative practices and policies.

The delivery of the Regional Program follows a developmental learning approach, beginning with an introduction to the meaning of organizational excellence and its relation to accreditation; followed by theme paper presentations on Education for Sustainable Development, Accreditation of TVET institutions the APACC model and Image Building in TVET for Sustainability, a strategy leading to a comprehensive understanding of Sustainable Development; and finally a self-propelled learning approach through the preparation of a system development plan integrating the concept of sustainable development into the TVET programs.

  • Special Lecture: Organizational Excellence in Today’s Competitive Environment & Strengthening QA in TVET systems Through APACC Accreditation
  • Theme Paper 1: Meeting the Challenges of Sustainable Development Goals in TVET
    Task 1: Imagineering
  • Theme Paper 2: Enhancing Corporate Image of TVET Institutions for SD
    Task 2: Developing Sample Ideas to Market and Enhance Image of TVET in the Country
  • Theme Paper 3: Strengthening TVET Systems through use of ICT
  • Theme Paper 4: Action Planning: The Way Forward
  • Action Plan: Creating a System Development Plan to Meet Challenges of SD in TVET (Action Plan)