Developing Organizational Excellence Through Accreditation

Date : August 1-5, 2016 /
Venue : Pinnacle Lumpinee Park Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand /
Program Type: Regional Program   /
Collaborating Organization: Office of the Vocational Education Commission (OVEC), Ministry of Education , Royal Government of Thailand   /

The delivery of the Regional Program follows a developmental learning approach, beginning with the discussion of the concepts and philosophies in organizational excellence. This is followed by theme paper presentations on Strategic Planning and intensive discussions regarding the challenges and opportunities for Regional Accreditation among TVET institutions. This approach is used to lead to a comprehensive understanding of organizational excellence.

In addition, site visits to the headquarters of OVEC in Bangkok and some private TVET colleges are added in order to expose the participants on the practical applications of organizational excellence and showcase some of the host country’s best practices on TVET institutional management.

Finally, a self-propelled learning approach through the preparation of a system development plan integrating accreditation to TVET management for the achievement of organizational excellence will be done by the participants in order to have a tangible transfer of learning from theory to paper. This will be used by the participants to transform the lessons of the program to practical applications in anticipation of future accreditation activities that they will pursue.

Special Lecture:
Organizational excellence in today’s competitive environment through accreditation & APACC in TVET

Theme Paper 1: Concepts and Philosophies in Developing Organizational Excellence

Task 1: Personal Values and Success Checklist

Theme Paper 2: Strategic Planning and Charting the Future of TVET in a Culture of Organizational Excellence

Task 2: Strategic Planning Framework

Theme Paper 3: Challenges and Opportunities of Regional Accreditation of TVET Institutions

Task 3: Imagineering

Theme Paper 4: Action Planning: The Way Forward

Task 4: Creating a System Development Plan to Integrate Accreditation to TVET to Achieve Organizational Excellence

The participants will also be attending and present country presentations during the International Seminar on "Organizational Excellence in TVET through Accreditation".

The conference aims to:

  • Establish links for national, regional, and international TVET initiatives, policies and practices that will further enhance organizational excellence
  • Create initiatives and links for the promotion of total quality management, accreditation and high-level monitoring and evaluation
  • Showcase the best practices in quality assurance practices by some of the Asia-Pacific countries
  • Create more opportunities for the discussion