Enhancement of Competency Assessment and Certification System for National Skills Testing Board (NSTB) Officials of Nepal

Date : Mar. 1 - Apr. 18, 2017 /
Venue : Manila, Philippines /
Program Type: Customized Program /
Collaborating Organization: Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Philippines and National Skills Testing Board in Nepal /

Theme Papers

  • Theme Paper 1: Overview of Philippine Quality Assured TVET System
  • Theme Paper 2: Overview of the Philippine TVET Trainers Qualifications Framework
  • Theme Paper 3: Training Standards Development Process
  • Theme Paper 4: Competency Assessment Tools Development Process
  • Theme Paper 5: Assessment Center Management
  • Theme Paper 6: Potential ICT Mechanism for Skills Testing System
  • Theme Paper 7: The Philippine Qualifications Framework (Skills Recognition, Assessment and Certification, Career Path and Progression Scheme)
  • Theme Paper 8: Competency Assessment and Certification System in the Philippines
  • Theme Paper 9: Development of Competency Assessment Tools
  • Theme Paper 10: Do’s and Don’ts in Competency Assessment and Certification System
  • Theme Paper 11: Evaluation and Result Publication System
  • Theme Paper 12: Facilitation Skills on Competency Standard Development and Workshop
  • Theme Paper 13: Monitoring and Evaluation of Competencies/Skills Testing

Practice Sessions:

  • Practice on Some Appropriate ICT Tools and Software related to database management
  • Practice on Test Items Development
  • Demonstration of DACUM Workshop

Immersion Program to various TESDA Units:

  • Competency Standards Development Unit
  • Competency Assessment Tools Development Unit
  • Assessment Center Management Unit (Venue and Assessor’s Management)
  • Results Preparation and Publication Unit
  • Database Management Unit

Visits to Assessment Centers to Witness Actual Assessment Preparation of Field Visit Report and Re-Entry Action Plan