Branding of TVET Programs through Quality and Image Building

Date : Nov 26-30, 2018 /
Venue : Songkhla Province, Thailand /
Program Type: In-Country Program /

Program Contents

Theme Papers:

  • Theme Paper 1: The Image and the Attractiveness of Technical Education and Vocational Training (TVET) from the Standpoint of the Stakeholders
  • Theme Paper 2: The Application of 7Ps of Marketing in TVET
  • Theme Paper 3: The Strategic Brand Concept – Image Management
  • Theme Paper 4: Improving the Image of the TVET Institutions though C4D Strategy Plan


  • Workshop 1: Identify and analyze problems regarding the poor image and unattractiveness of TVET as a whole and provide possible way forward
  • Workshop 2: Prepare marketing plan for enhancing image of TVET programs based on the output of Workshop 1 and integrate the 7Ps of Marketing
  • Workshop 3: Prepare BCM (Brand Concept Management) Plan
  • >Workshop 4: Preparing of C4D Strategy Plan for Image Building

National Seminar on “The Image of TVET in the Perspective of the Stakeholders”