Greening TVET for Sustainable Development

Date : Sep 16-20, 2019 /
Venue : Suva, Fiji /
Program Type: In-Country Program /

Main Contents

Theme Papers
  • Theme Paper 1: Concept, Elements and Importance of Greening TVET
  • Theme Paper 2: Five Pillars Strategies of Greening TVET
  • Theme Paper 3: International practices and innovative initiatives in greening TVET
  • Theme Paper 4: Integrating Green Competencies in TVET Curricula
  • Theme Paper 5: Practices of Greening TVET in the context of Fiji TVET

Group Work
  • Group Work 1: Conduct SWOT Analysis on greening TVET
  • Group Work 2: Identify the initiatives taken by institute based on five pillars of greening TVET
  • Group Work 3: Identify list of elements and areas for a curriculum revision focusing on greening skills
  • Group Work 4: Integrate list of Green Skills elements into TVET Curricula
  • Group Work 5: Prepare action plan for greening TVET in own institute

National Seminar on "Translating TVET for Sustainable Development"

Study visits to institutions and/or industries implementing green projects