Leadership for 21st Century

Date : Dec 16-20, 2019 /
Venue : TITI, Sanothimi Bhaktapur, Nepal /
Program Type: In-Country Program /

Main Contents

Theme Papers
  • Special Lecture: Globally Competitive TVET Leaders
  • Theme Paper 1: 21st Century Leadership Traits and Challenges
  • Theme Paper 2: Role of Leadership and Management Dynamics in the TVET Institutions’ Development
  • Theme Paper 3: Excellence of Leadership for Change Management through PDCA Cycle in TVET Institute
  • Theme Paper 4: Quality Assurance of TVET Institute through APACC
  • Theme Paper 5: 21st Century Leadership Development Strategy of Nepal in the TVET Context

Group Works
  • Group Work 1: Apply strategies tackling challenges faced by the 21st century Leaders
  • Group Work 2: Self-assessment of leadership qualities
  • Group Work 3: Apply PDCA cycle for continuous quality management
  • Group Work 4: Preparing continuous improvement plan through APACC Criteria
  • Group Work 5: Develop action plan to apply 21st century leadership strategies and skills

National Seminar: 21st Century Skills for Ensuring Employability of TVET Graduates

Study Visits: Institutions and/or industries in Nepal