Effective Instructional Skills for TVET Teachers

Date: May 28, 2020 /
Program Type: Webinar /

May 28, 2020 | 9:30am Afghanistan | 10:00am Maldives, Pakistan | 10:30am India, Sri Lanka | 10:45am Nepal | 11:00am Bangladesh, Bhutan | 11:30am Myanmar | 12:00nn Thailand | 1:00pm China, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore | 3:00pm Papua New Guinea | 5:00pm Fiji

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PresentaionEffective Instructional Skills Management
by Ramhari Lamichhane, PhD


This concept paper is prepared for the CPSC webinar on the topic “Effective Instructional Skills for TVET Teachers”. Fresh university or institute graduates employed as teachers in TVET institutions possess occupational skills of subject areas like plumbing, electrician, automobile etc. However, most of the teachers lack the instructional skills to impart occupational skills to the students in a best way. Thus, all the TVET teachers need to be trained on instructional skills, which will make them competent in imparting knowledge, skills, and attitudes to the students.

Instructional Skills are such techniques as questioning, discussing, directing, explaining, demonstrating, planning, structuring, focusing, and managing. Teachers who are skilled at communication, classroom management, sessions planning, applying different methods, and appropriate subject knowledge create a positive learning environment. Although being well versed in your subject area is important, being able to communicate necessary skills and concepts in a way students can understand is crucial. Teachers develop skills over time through best practices shared by other teachers, continuing education and classroom experience.

The teachers who use various strategies, methods, and skills lead to broaden and deepen their repertoire of instructional approaches. Expanding the knowledge and expertise regarding various instructional approaches can enrich the artistry of teaching and, in turn, enhance the effectiveness of instruction.

TVET teachers must balance between the career growth and learning various instructional skills with technological information. Thus, this is vital for each TVET institute to support their teachers in acquiring and developing instructional skills by different means. Therefore, CPSC has design a webinar to share knowledge and practices of effective instructional skills for TVET teachers.


This webinar session is designed to provide concept and good practices of instructional skills and instructional approaches for maximizing learning of students. It will provide guidelines to teachers on acquiring and updating themselves on instructional skills by different means.


Sharing the concept of instructional skills and providing guidelines for TVET teachers on application and continuous professional growth.