Instructional Design and Applications of E- Learning Courses

Date : Jun 15-19, 2020 /
Program Type: Online Regional Program /

Main Contents

Theme Papers (online)

  • Special Lecture: 21st Century Skills for Global Competitiveness
  • Theme Paper 1: Basic Instructional Design Principles for eLearning
  • Theme Paper 2: E-Learning Components and Approaches
  • Theme Paper 3: The ADDIE Model for E-Learning
  • Theme Paper 4: Development of Learning Management System using ICT Tools
  • Theme Paper 5: E- Assessment Tools

Projects (individual)

  • Project 1: Conduct SWOT Analysis on E-Learning
  • Project 2: Perform Task Analysis steps to define skills and knowledge for an E-Learning course
  • Project 3: Practice Development of LMS (Create online video lecture using online free available tools)

An online Exam (Individual Participant)