Strengthening TVET Instructional Management System

Date : July 13-17, 2020 /
Program Type: Online Regional Program /

Main Contents

Theme Papers (online)

  • Special Lecture: Instructional Management in TVET Institutions
  • Theme Paper 1: Concept of Effective Instruction and Instructional Framework
  • Theme Paper 2: Instructional Design and Lesson Plan development
  • Theme Paper 3: Instructional Skills and Vocational Pedagogy for TVET Teachers
  • Theme Paper 4: Assessment and Evaluation Plan and Test Items Development
  • Theme Paper 5: Supervision and Monitoring of Teaching Process


  • Project 1: Prepare a Matrix for Instructional Strategies, Methods, and Instructional Skills
  • Project 2: Design and Develop Lesson Plan According to Teaching Subjects
  • Project 3: Develop Test Items According to Teaching Subjects

Online Exam (Individual Participant)