Effective Methods of TVET Curriculum Development to Integrate 21st Century Skills

Date : September 21-25, 2020 /
Program Type: Online Program /

Main Contents

Theme Papers

  • Special Lecture: Ensuring 21st Century Skills for the Global Competitiveness and Innovation in the TVET
  • Theme Paper 1: Concept of Curriculum and development process
  • Theme Paper 2: Effective Methods of Curriculum Development
  • Theme Paper 3: ICT & Digital Technology in Course Development Processes
  • Theme Paper 4: Curriculum Design and Framework incorporating 21st Century Skills

Projects Tasks

  • Project work 1: Develop a curriculum structure (format) to be adopted by TVET institutions
  • Project work 2: Examine different methods of curriculum development to be selected for the TVET program
  • Project work 3: Use ICT to develop TVET courses
  • Project work 4: Develop a curriculum framework integrating 21st century skills
  • Project work 5: Develop action plan to integrate 21st century skills

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