Empowering TVET Sector through Digitalization and Climate Resilient Skills for Sustainable Development

Date: October 16-20, 2023 /
Program Type: Regional Program /

Main Contents

Presentations on:

  • Special Lecture 1: TVET Institutes Management for Global Competitiveness

10th ADB International Skills Forum

  • A new Era of Digitalized and Climate Resilient Human and Social Development

Exercises and workshops on the following:

  • SWOT Analysis for 21st Century
  • Country based Challenges Presentations based on Conference Topics


At the end of the program, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the integration of digital literacy into the latest TVET trends to empower diverse learners with essential digital skills for active participation in the digital economy.
  • Emphasize climate resilient skills and green technologies in TVET programs to prepare learners for environmental sustainability and climate challenges.
  • Examine the integration of sustainability principles across all TVET disciplines to foster environmentally conscious practices.
  • Explore the collaboration with industries to design TVET programs that equip learners with relevant digital skills for enhanced employability.
  • Comprehend the new era state-of-the-art Digital Skills Academies which are providing comprehensive digital training and competence development.
  • Observe specialized centers for hands-on training in sustainable practices, renewable energy, and climate resilience.
  • Promote an entrepreneurial culture in the TVET sector by offering courses and workshops on innovation and business development.
  • Explore a community-centric approach to tailor TVET programs to address region-specific challenges and promote positive impact.
  • Understand the benefits of providing equal opportunities for all learners, promoting gender equity and social inclusion within the TVET sector.
  • Examine Data-driven mechanisms to explore the program impact, enabling continuous adaptation and relevance in Country perspective.