Navigating the Future of TVET: Addressing Challenges and Fostering Positive Change

Date: December 4-6, 2023 /
Program Type: Regional Program /

Main Contents

To achieve the objectives set forth, the following strategies will be employed in a consultative manner:

International Conference on “Revolutionizing the Future Workforce: Transformative Pathways of TVET towards 2030”

Presentations on:

  1. Quality Assurance in TVET: Addressing IR 4.0 Challenges
  2. Toyota Production System
  3. Benchmarking Quality Assurance in TVET

Workshops and visit on:

  1. Country Paper Presentation on Best Practices in Enhancing Quality and Relevance of TVET System
  2. Exposure Visits


The participants are expected to:

  • Develop leadership capabilities among TVET educators to drive innovative reforms and strategic planning and total quality management within institutions and organization.
  • Enhance participants' understanding of global workforce trends, equipping them to prepare graduates for success in both domestic and international job markets.
  • Cultivate TVET leaders who champion green skills and eco-friendly practices, enabling graduates to contribute to sustainable development initiatives.
  • Strengthen TVET institutions through capacity-building, fostering collaborations, and providing exposure to cutting-edge infrastructure for higher-quality education.
  • Drive the evolution of a sustainable and dynamic TVET ecosystem through effective leadership, innovation, and continuous improvement.