Leadership, Management and TVET-Industry Linkages

Date : Oct. 27 - Nov. 7, 2014 /
Venue : CPSC, Manila, Philippines /
Program Type: Customized Program /
Collaborating Organization: National Apprenticeship and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA), Sri Lanka /

Course Contents

Special Lecture: Emerging Trends and Challenges in TVET

Module 1: Management and Leadership: Principles and Applications in Organizations

  • Management and Leadership Concepts and its Applications in Organizations/Institutions
  • Talent management Principles and practices
  • Total Quality Management: Origin, Evolution and Key Concepts
  • APACC Accreditation System: An Overview
  • Practices of ICT for Organizational Management
  • Current Status and Challenges in Implementing Educational Management Information System (EMIS) in TVET Systems
  • Teamwork Building for Enhanced Productivity and Competitiveness

Module 2: Strengthening TVET – Industry Linkages

  • TVET -Industry Linkages in the Perspective of Dynamic Workplace
  • International Practices for Public-Private Partnership in(TVET) Education
  • Development of Action Plan for TVET-Industry Linkages and the related M&E Framework

Tasks and Project

  • Task 1: Case Study on Talent Management
  • Task 2: Issues, Concerns and Challenges in Fostering TVET-Industry Linkages in the Local Context
  • Task 3: Developing Strategies for Enhancing PPP in Education Sector
  • Task 4: Assess the practices of Use of ICT for Education and Management
  • Task 5A: Identify your Standing on Leadership Scale
  • Task 5B: Leadership Style Survey
  • Task 6: Analysis of SWOT and Potential Indicators for Implementing EMIS in TVET Systems
  • Task 7: Assessment of Institution through Criteria for Educational Excellence
  • Task 8: Assessment of Teaching and Learning Methods Being Practiced in a TVET Institution
  • Task 9: Analysis of Team Role Composition
  • Project Task: Action Plan Development