Administration and Management of TVET Institutions

Date : Apr. 24-28, 2017 /
Venue : Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia /
Program Type: In-Country Program /
Collaborating Organization: Department of TVET Policy Implementation of Labour and Social Welfare Service Agency, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Mongolia /

Theme Papers

  • Special Lecture: TVET Leader for Global Environment
  • Theme Paper 1: Management Concepts and Paradigms of Improving Institutional Management in TVET Systems
  • Theme Paper 2: Emerging ICT Applications in Education and Management of TVET Institutes
  • Theme Paper 3: Strategic Planning for Management of Mongolia TVET Institutions
  • Theme Paper 4: Total Quality Management and Implementation of TQM Process for TVET Institutions in Mongolia


  • Task 1: Assess Quality of Institutional Function, Stakeholder Identification, Organizational Vision and Mission Identification
  • Task 2: Critical Issues Identification & SWOT Analysis of TVET Institutes
  • Task 3: Crafting the Strategic Vision, Creating a Mission Statement, Constructing Goals and Composing the SMART Objectives
  • Task 4: Application of TQM Tools and Techniques in TVET Institutions
  • Task 5: Preparation of Documents for APACC for Quality Assurance of TVET Institutions

National Seminar: "TVET Beyond 2015"