Generic and Life Skills for Lifelong Teaching and Learning in TVET

Date : May 15-19, 2017 /
Venue : Suva, Fiji /
Program Type: In-Country Program /
Collaborating Organization: Ministry of Education, Heritage & Arts, Government of Fiji /

Theme Papers

  • Special Lecture: Lifelong Learning in Global Knowledge Economy: Challenge for Fiji
  • Theme Paper 1: Policy to Provide Effective Delivery of TVET Programs and its Implications on Lifelong Teaching and Learning
  • Theme Paper 2: Definitions of Generic/Transferable/Soft/Life Skills and Making it Explicit in the Curriculum
  • Theme Paper 3: Exploring Life Skills & Making Sure Hard Skills Shine
  • Theme Paper 4: Life Skills for Entrepreneurs (Generic Skills & Entrepreneurship and Anatomy of an Entrepreneur)
  • Lecturette: Teaching Methods for Lifelong Learning
  • Theme Paper 5: Why are Lifeskills Important?