Strengthening of TVET Systems: Linkages with the Industries

Date : May 22-26, 2017 /
Venue : Colombo, Sri Lanka /
Program Type: In-Country Program /
Collaborating Organization: Department of Technical Education and Training, Ministry of Skills Development and Vocational Training, Sri Lanka /

The main contents of the program are:

Special Lecture: Role of APACC on TQM

Theme Papers:
  • Industry- Institution Linkages: Introduction and Case Studies of TVET Institutions in Asia and the Pacific Countries
  • Offering Continuation Education Programmes and other Services by TVET Institutions to Industries: Sri Lankan Experiences
  • Enhancing Industry- institution Linkages through Business Incubation
  • Labour Market and TVET System

Field Visit:: 1-2 Medium Scale Enterprises and Interaction with their managers/engineers/ TVET personnel.

  • Experience Sharing on Industry-Institution Linkages Practices in TVET Institutions of Sri Lanka, and Identification of Best Practices (Presentation by Participants for their Respective Institutions)
  • Identification of Technical Fields for Setting up a Technology Business Incubator in TVET Institution
  • Problems and Issues of Labour Market and TVET System in Sri Lanka
  • Preparation of an Action Plan for Strengthening Industry- TVET Institution ( Project Work)

National Seminar: "Industry-TVET Institution Linkages: Trends, Expectations and Opportunities"
The ICP will have a one day National Seminar built in between. The seminar will have the following activities:
  • Key Note Presentations (Invited Talks) on:
    • Emerging Trends in Industry-Institution Linkages at Asia Pacific Level (DG-CPSC),
    • Expectations of Industries from TVET Institutions, Teachers and Students (Industry Representative),
    • Expectations of TVET System from Industries (DG-DTET or Representative) and
    • Future Opportunities in TVET System of Sri Lanka (KOICA/GIZ/ADB Representative)
  • Presentation of shortlisted 5 Seminar Papers on different facets of Industry-TVET Institution Linkages by officials from TVET System/ Teachers/Trainers/ Curriculum Developers/Training and Placement Officers)
  • Panel Discussions and Formulation of Recommendations