Recognition of Prior Learning Management

Date : Jan. 22 - Feb. 16, 2018 /
Venue : CPSC, Manila, Philippines /
Program Type: Customized Program /

Main Contents

Theme Papers

  • Special Lectures: Recognition of Prior Learning: A Flexible Path of Learning
  • Expert Lecture 1: Quality Assurance on Assessment and Certification in the Philippines
  • Expert Lecture 2: Further Introduction and Rationale of RPL
  • Expert Lecture 3: RPL System in Sri Lanka
  • Expert Lecture 4: Review of the RPL Handbook developed at NSTB/NVQS and Assessment Management System in the World
  • Expert Lecture 5: Preparation of Competency Assessment Tools
  • Expert Lecture 6: Conducting Competency Assessment in Philippines
  • Expert Lecture 7: Monitoring and Evaluating Competency Assessment in the Philippines, an Overview
  • Expert Lecture 8: Evaluating Competency Assessment in the Philippines
  • Expert Lecture 9: Conducting Compliance Audit Management
  • Expert Lecture 10: Management of RPL Assessment Centers
  • Expert Lecture 11: Monitoring and Evaluation of RPL System in Sri Lanka
  • Expert Lecture 12: Governance and Management of Assessment Systems

Study Visits

  • Study Visit 1: TESDA Women’s Center
  • Study Visit 1: Human Resource Development Institute
  • Study Visit 1: International Training Center for Hospitality, Inc.
  • Study Visit 1: Jacobo Z. Gonzales Memorial School of Arts and Trades


  • Task 1: Workshop on How to Develop Competency Assessment Tools
  • Task 2: Workshop on Preparation of the Competency Assessment Plan and its Implementation
  • Task 3: Workshop on the Preparation of Guidelines in Monitoring and Supervision of Competency Assessment
  • Task 4: Prepare RPL Assessment Tools
  • Task 5: Group Presentation on the preparations of the RPL Assessment Tools
  • Task 6: Project Work on RPL Assessment
  • Task 7: Coaching and Practicing on Assessment Tools and Documentation / Online Result Publication System
  • Task 8: Practice on Monitoring and Supervision of RPL
  • Task 9: Governance and Management Policies on RPL Assessment System
  • Task 10: Preparation of Program Report and Action Plan