Enhancement of Qualification Systems and Competency Standards in the TVET Systems of Nepal

Date : May 6 – July 31, 2019 /
Venue : Manila, Philippines /
Program Type: Customized Program /

Main Contents

A. Lecture/ Orientation Sessions:

  • Overview of Competency Based Training (based on International Practice)
  • Understanding Occupational Standard
  • Understanding Competence
  • Further Introduction and Rationale of RPL
  • Practices and Experiences on Assessment Tool Development of Asian Countries
  • Concept of DACUM
  • How to Conduct DACUM Workshop Based on International Practice
  • Designing Knowledge-based Assessment Tests
  • Practice Exercises to Support Knowledge-based Assessment Tests
  • Development of Test Items Using ICT
  • Practice Developing Test Items Using ICT
  • Testing and Evaluation Using LMS
  • Practice on Developing Testing and Evaluation Instruments Using LMS (Individual)
  • Overall Qualification System of the Philippines
  • Orientation on Functional Analysis
  • Overview of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) System
  • Definition of Qualification
  • Definition of Competency Standards
  • Techniques on the Development of Sector/Occupational Mapping
  • Techniques on Developing Vocational Qualifications Package
  • Training Arrangements
  • Process Flow of Competency Assessment Tools
  • Development of Assessment Tools
  • Introduction to Various Assessment Methodologies
  • Determination of Appropriate Assessment Tools Project
  • Formulating Performance Standard
  • Principles on Formulation of Written Test with Key Answer and Oral Questions
  • Leveling of Nepal Occupational Standards (OS)/Competency Standards with International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO)
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting System

B. Practice Sessions:

  • Writeshop on Definition of Qualification
  • Writeshop on Competency Standards
  • Workshop on Job/Task Analysis
  • Workshop on Techniques of the Development of Sector/Occupational/Qualification Mapping
  • Workshop on Techniques on Developing Vocational Qualifications Package
  • Workshop on Training Arrangements
  • Workshop on Planning Competency Assessment Tools
  • Workshop on Formulating Performance Standard
  • Workshop on Formulation of Written Tests

C. Immersion Program to various TESDA Units:

  • Planning Office
  • Qualifications and Standards Office
  • Competency Standards Development Division
  • Certification Office
  • Immersion on Competency Standards Development Tools
  • Immersion on Assessment Tools Development
  • Visit to TESDA –National Capital Region (NCR)

D. Contextualization and Implementation in Nepal

  • Development of Competency Standards with Industry Partners in Nepal
  • Development of Process Guidelines on Assessment Tool Development in Nepal Context
  • Draft Competency Standards and Assessment Tools (Evidence Plan-Project Observation/Assessment Tool Package)
  • Finalization of Outputs Format for Competency COC Assessment TM II (Occupational Map/Qualification Map)