Industry-Institution Linkages

Date : Jun 16-20, 2019 /
Venue : Dhaka, Bangladesh /
Program Type: In-Country Program /

Main Contents

Theme Papers
  • Theme Paper 1: Building Industry-Institution Linkages in TVET System: Concepts and Principles
  • Theme Paper 2: Innovative Models and Approaches in TVET Industry- Institution Linkage
  • Theme Paper 3: Skills for Youth Employability
  • Theme paper 4: Dual Training System: Concept, Benefits, and Challenges

Group Work
  • Group Work 1: Undertake SWOT analysis for industry-institution collaborations in the TVET system
  • Group Work 2: Develop strategies for enhancing industry-institution linkage system in the TVET sector
  • Group Work 3: Identify skills for youth employability in the TVET sector
  • Group Work 4: Review and analyze the implementation of Dual Training System (DTS) and suggest possible steps for Bangladesh TVET system
  • Group Work 5: Preparation of Action Plan for building industry-institute linkages in the TVET system

National Seminar

    Enhancement of Youth Employment Opportunity for TVET Graduates