Application of Blue Ocean Strategy for TVET Institute Management

Date : Nov 18-22, 2019 /
Venue : Yangon, Myanmar /
Program Type: In-Country Program /

Main Contents

Theme Papers
  • Special Lecture: TVET For Global Competitiveness: Fostering 21st Century Skills
  • Theme Paper 1: Concepts, principles and importance of Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Theme Paper 2: Curriculum development to address future market demand
  • Theme Paper 3: Teaching and learning environment of TVET institute based on blue ocean strategy
  • Theme Paper 4: Leadership for change management to address blue ocean strategy
  • Theme Paper 5: Relevance of blue Ocean Strategy with post training aspects like employment, entrepreneurship

Group Work
  • Group Work 1: Critical Issues Identification & SWOT Analysis for BOS
  • Group Work 2: Analysis of existing curriculum with blue ocean perspective
  • Group Work 3: Case study on teaching & learning environment of other countries based on IR 4.0 and greening TVET
  • Group Work 4: Self-assessment on leadership traits
  • Group Work 5: Preparation of Action Plan for Building Effective Blue Ocean Strategy in TVET System of Myanmar.

National Seminar: Greening TVET