Change Management for TVET

Date: March 1-5, 2021 /
Program Type: Online In-Country Program /

Main Contents

Theme Papers

  • Special Lecture: Educational Transformation through Leadership
  • Theme Paper 1: Concept and Guiding Principles of Change Management
  • Theme Paper 2: Strategies and Tools to Address Change Management in TVET Institutes
  • Theme Paper 3: Application of PDCA Model for Change Management
  • Theme Paper 4: Implication of Change Management to Develop an Action Plan

Project Tasks

  • Project Work 1: Self-assessment of Change Competency Leadership
  • Project Work 2: Application of Change Management Tools in Problem Resolution
  • Project Work 3: Apply PDCA Model for the Change Management
  • Project Work 4: Action Planning on Application of Change Management for TVET Institutions