Innovation in TVET Management

Date: March 22-26, 2021 /
Program Type: Online Regional Program /

Main Contents

Theme Papers

  • Special Lecture: Innovation in TVET Management to improve quality of TVET
  • Online Class 1: Concept of Innovation in TVET Management
  • Online Class 2: Innovating TVET – A Framework for TVET Institution
  • Online Class 3: ICT Tools Help to Innovate TVET Management
  • Online Class 4: Innovate Teaching and Learning Process

Project Tasks

  • Project Work 1: Conduct SWOT analysis on innovation in TVET management
  • Project Work 2: Use innovation toolbox to assess TVET institutions readiness towards innovation.
  • Project Work 3: Prepare a presentation to collaborate with staff and students
  • Project Work 4: Prepare an action plan towards readiness of TVET for digitalization of services and products