Quality Management System in TVET Amidst Challenging Times

Date: May 19-25, 2021 /
Program Type: Online Program /

Main Contents

Online Classes

  • Online Class 1: QMS: Positioning TVET for Effectiveness and Success
  • Online Class 2: Unlocking the Power of QMS: Importance, Principles of Quality Management and Benefits
  • Online Class 3: PDCA Technique for Quality Improvement
  • Online Class 4: Basic Quality Management Tools
  • Online Class 5: Good Documentation as the Foundation of a QMS
  • Online Class 6: Developing an Employee Handbook
  • Online Class 7: Creating a Maintenance Manual
  • Online Class 8: Developing a Student Handbook

Projects (Individual)

  • Online Workshop 1: Using PDCA for Continuous Improvement
  • Online Workshop 2: Practice Exercise on application of Management Tools for Problem Resolution
  • Online/Offline Workshop 3: Developing an Employee Handbook
  • Online/Offline Workshop 4: Creating a Maintenance Plan