Advance Bank Management

Date: October 11-15, 2022 /
Program Type: Customized Program /

Main Contents


  • Presentation 1: Leadership for Global Competitiveness: Role of Top and Middle Management and Board of Directors for Smooth Operation of Banks
  • Presentation 2: Corporate Governance in the Banking Industry in the Philippines
  • Presentation 3: Application of ICT and Digital Technology for Effective HR Management
  • Presentation 4: Digital/ Fintech innovations in the Financial Sector in the Philippines
  • Presentation 5: Stress and Conflict Management for Efficiency Enhancement of HR Management for Successful Internal Bank Operations
  • Presentation 6: Talent Management: The Future Challenges
  • Presentation 7: Coordination, Communication and Team Building

Topics for Experience and Insights Sharing/Discussions

  • General Banking Environment: Trends, and Challenges in the Philippines
  • Risk Management in the Financial Sector
  • Philippine Bank Organizations Work Culture and Post COVID 19 Working Models and Innovations
  • Marketing and Selling Strategies Adopted by Banks in the Philippines
  • SME Financing
  • Assets and Liability Management

Group Work Activities

  • Self-Assessment on Managerial Traits