Effective Workforce Planning in TVET Sector

Date: March 6-10, 20223 /
Program Type: In-Country Program /

Program Contents

To achieve the objectives set forth, the following strategies will be employed in a consultative nature:

Presentations and workshop on the following:

Theme Papers

  • Theme Paper 1: Challenges faced by TVET institutions in the modern employment landscape
  • Theme Paper 2: Addressing the Challenges through Innovative Learning and Assessment Strategies
  • Theme Paper 3: Current Workforce Trend in TVET
  • Theme Paper 4: Criteria and Strategies to meet the Workforce in TVET
  • Theme Paper 5: Sharing of Malaysian Design Planning in TVET Workforce-current practice
  • Theme Paper 6: An Overview Workforce Demand and Implementation in Philippines
  • Theme Paper 7: Workforce Designing Tools at TESDA, Philippines

Group Work Activities (GWA)

  • GWA 1: Preparing Suitable Tools for TVET Workforce Planning
  • GWA 2: Developing Workforce Plan
  • GWA 3: Preparing Action Plan for Effective Workforce Planning in TVET
  • GWA 4: Presentation of the Action Plan

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Determine the future needs of the workforce in the TVET sector
  • Understand the challenges in planning the action of producing effective workforce in TVET sector
  • Plan the strategies to materialize the needs of TVET workforce, and
  • Develop an action plan to prepare the future demand of the workforce in the TVET sector