Management of Business Incubation in TVET Institutes

Date: March 27-31, 20223 /
Program Type: In-Country Program /

Program Contents

To achieve the objectives set forth, the following strategies will be employed in a consultative nature

Theme Paper (TP) Presentations on the following:

  • Special Lecture: TVET Institutes Management for Global Competitiveness
  • Theme Paper 1: Design & Structural Integration for Entrepreneurial skills
  • Theme Paper 2: Business Incubation Center (BIC): A step of Entrepreneurial Journey TVET & Digitization
  • Theme Paper 3: TVET Digitization as a best tool for Global Entrepreneurial Competitiveness
  • Theme Paper 4: International Business Incubation Models in TVET Institutions
  • Theme Paper 5: Excellence of Leadership for Change Management through PDCA Cycle in TVET

Workshops (W)

  • Workshop 1: Identifying Issues and Challenges in TVET Institute Image Building with 21st Century Environment
  • Workshop 2: Developing Competency Based Training (CBT) by Integrating Entrepreneurial and Employability Skills
  • Workshop 3: Designing Business Incubation Model with Role & Concept

National Seminar on “Management of Business Incubation (BIC) in TVET Institutes for Sustainable TVET”

  • Session 1: A BIC as road map to TVET Sustainability
  • Session 2: The future of Industry with BIC
  • Session 3: BIC Concept & Green Economy

  • Objectives

    The participants are expected to:

    • Understand the concept of business incubation center in TVET
    • Explore the model of business incubation
    • Understand the role of incubation center in TVET
    • Provide necessary knowledge and skills of establishment and management of business incubation centers for TVET leaders