Enhancing Quality of TVET Graduates through User-Centered Problem-Solving Method (Design Thinking)

Date: June 17-19, 2024 /
Program Type: Customized Program /


At the end of the program, the participants will be able to:

  1. Be exposed to the 5-step process of Design Thinking;
  2. Experience carrying out the 5-steps of Design Thinking;
  3. Gain knowledge, skills and competencies to develop creative and innovative student projects;
  4. Be more adaptive in solving real world issues; and
  5. Be equipped with skills to communicate and cooperate effectively.

Expected Outcomes and Outputs

The program focuses on the 5 steps of a Design Thinking process. By participating in this program, participants will be exposed to a creative problem-solving strategy to address issues/ challenges that are prevalent in their institutions, communities or industries. Participants will acquire tools, resources and skills to work in teams to understand target user needs, generate innovative ideas, and create plausible solutions. The outcome of this program can be adapted to different contexts and situations.

Expected Outputs:

  1. Participants identify a challenge/issue by interviewing respondents/ target users
  2. Participants use 5 step- Design Thinking process to solve the challenge /issue
  3. Participants produce a prototype or solution by working in teams
  4. Participants present their prototype in a pitching session